The Music

Using his Lighthouse Trio as a creative and dynamic core, Garland takes the integration of orchestral forces to new heights.

"Improvisation and composition are deeply intertwined in the jazz tradition. In Moment of Departure, Tim Garland brilliantly explores these boundaries, in a range of settings, creating music that is absorbing, profound and rewarding."

– Alyn Shipton

Tim Garland

“I wanted to explore different ways throughout the album, of departing from the notated music into spontaneity, improvisation, and the unknown. The highly structured compositions are dramatically contrasted by the improvised sections which verge occasionally on total freedom. I have been greatly inspired by Esra’s work, its stunning degree of detail and discipline matched by its freedom and playfulness. Moment Of Departure has stretched me as composer and player more than any previous project. The inspiration I have received from my fellow soloists in this pursuit  has been incredible!”